For maintaining and doubling the lifespan of lead-acid batteries

Over the years there have been many product claims of lead-acid battery regeneration magic. All of which have been debunked as junk science, ineffective or marginal results at best. To date, pulse chargers have probably been the most effective at desulfating lead plates, but still the results are marginal and the effects of lead plate degradation through this method simply kill the battery in a different way. There have also been a few serious attempts to regenerate through liquid additives. Companies such as AMPER PLUS, Supervit and a few others all ultimately failed because their products proved to have relatively small effectiveness. This was due to their use of sulfuric compounds in their additive. We have scientifically proven that our proprietary additive using peroxic compounds and very specific salts is 100% effective in desulfation AND reconditioning the lead plates back to their original state while slowing down the process of sulfation, which is a natural process within all lead-acid batteries. For detailed scientific information, please see scientific studies under the product tab.

PowerBatt´s unique composition subdues the natural processes of battery´s degeneration which are considered to be irreversible by the industry standards.


Technical Effects

Eliminating corrosion and boosting conductivity

• Ions contained in PowerBatt decrease grid corrosion and help the active mass to connect with the grid

• This leads to long term corrosion resistance and preservation of the desired grid mass conductivity and low internal resistance


• Elimination of coarse-grained sulfate

• Elemental oxygen released from hydrogen peroxide crushes crystalline sulfate into fine-powdered form

• The fine powdered form is reusable during charging, this leads to increased concentration of the electrolyte

Increasing discharging characteristics

• The salts contained in PowerBatt change the activity of the ions and thus increase the discharging voltage

• This increases the total quantity of supplied electric power during discharging

Boosting formation of active mass interconnections

• PowerBatt mechanically and electrically forms needle-shaped crystals which join grains of the positive electrode

• This increases the mechanical strength and electrical conductivity of the active mass and ultimately improves the battery performance

Optimizing the active mass morphology

• Creation of a fine film around crystals of active mass stop their intergrowth into a coarse-grained structure

• Crystallization nuclei lead to the formation of a favorable fine-grained structure

• This leads to a larger effective area and higher capacity of the positive electrode

Increasing porosity and strength of active mass

• Salts in PowerBatt are able to increase the porosity of active masses and at the same time increase the forces between particles

• This improves mechanical properties of the positive electrode active mass and prevents its early disintegration

Powerbatt Saves Costs And Boosts Performance

• Prolongs the lifespan of batteries and increases battery performance and capacity, thus decreasing costs needed for restoring the portfolio of batteries.

•Decreases consumption of energy during battery charging and helps to save costs connected to waste disposal.

•Regular application chemically optimizes the characteristics of the battery; significantly slows down the decreasing capacity and performance of the battery. Thus, increasing battery effectiveness, functionality, and reliability.

•Increasing and balancing of the capacity of individual cells provides the reliability of the whole system.

Powerbatt Is Easy To Use And Protects The Environment

•Application is not technologically or investment demanding and takes place directly at the customers' site or at our facility.

•Connects financial gains with a responsible approach to the environment, prevents early battery replacement and decreases energy consumption while lowering levels of CO2 emissions and toxic lead waste in the environment.

Regular use of PowerBatt is the easiest, most effective and environmentally friendly way of reducing costs related to battery management.